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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Little Things in Life

There are times when you wonder (like Amy and Rory from Doctor Who) if life just got started.
The past few months seems like our life kicked into hyper gear.
We have been busy with Doctors appointments, dentist work, school, soccer, birthday parties and so much else.
I never meant to go quite for so long. Really I meant to come back and give you the update on Hubby and his seizures.
So here we go - one massive missive, condensed to a semi manageable length.

Prissy ~

In October she turned 10! (Where has the time gone!) We had a great Monster High Birthday party for her - they watched 13 Wishes (the newest M.H Movie) We had a Monster Dance off as well as a mummy wrap contest.
The winners took home some great prizes and everyone had a ball - really they are still talking about this party!

G'man ~

My boy has had a BALL this fall. We placed him on a indoor soccer team and they came in first place. Okay not to brag but they won all 8 of their games and some of them they won at 15-0. He LOVES soccer now!
He also won B.U.G lunch at his school on the same day as his Best Bud. (Bringing Up Grades). I am very proud of how great he has been this year!

The Hubs and I

Hubby has had 11 cavities, 3 crowns and one infected tooth worked on. He has also been on two different meds as well as diagnosed with Left Frontal Lobe Epilepsy. 
The medicine he is on has helped. He is having seizures less frequently but they are growing worse in strange ways (he was able to do a task while one part of his brain was still seizing).
I have been having a ball with my Bestie as this is the first year that all four of our babies have been in school full time!
Our friend C.A just came home from Cambodia and she has 6 more weeks to go until her first baby arrives! I can't even say how happy I am that she is back in the states!

Weather across the nation has been cold and brutal - Utah is no exception. We have been under 32d for the past two weeks! With most days starting off at 4d and getting as warm as 18d today's 30d actually felt warm - we got close to having something (anything at this point) melt!

Luckily before the cold settled in we were able to install a new warmer front door as well as plug up some large holes.
This came in handy last weekend when G'man turned off our heater with his soccer ball. Even though it dropped down to 4 degrees that night it was still a frigid 52d when we woke up.
We still don't have all the answers. Hubby's health still isn't where we would like it and we don't know if it ever will be again. 
Money is still tight. 
Family is still family. 
However, we have a home. 
We have each other and we have hope for tomorrow.
So today is a good day.
Today, I miss my mama, but cuddle with my son and daughter. 
Today is important.
Its filled with the little things.
School, work, fish and chips, family movie night, frigid air and hot cocoa. 

I don't know what tomorrow holds but today... today is a good day.


Michael Harris said...

Good luck with the hubby's seizures, I hope the meds work.

It's been cold here too. We dropped below 0 F

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