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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Our camp site was roughly at 9,000 feet.
However we did take a day trip down to Current Crick.

Just one of the amazing days up in the mountains with the best people!

Our camp site! 

On one of our many nature hikes I stopped to take a great photo and the hubs snapped one of me!
So here is the shot of me, followed by the shot I was taking!

I could have stayed there forever!
(please forgive my disheveled appearance it was day 3 of camping and I really didn't care at all what I looked like.)
I mean really, who needs to look beautiful when everything around you is stunning!?!

I have to say I needed this camping trip!
Its been a stress filled summer and taking a week away to rest, relax and unwind was heavenly!
The stars at night were magical! 
Our site was directly underneath the milky way and at night (the moon NOT up) 
the sky was bright!

There are no words for how amazing the sky is far from the city lights!
I could try to talk about the inky blackness, the dark deep velvet of night, the shimmer and the brightness along with the depth of light.
How it looks so deep you could dive in and swim away to the furthest star in no time at all, yet if you don't have the imagine in your mind its just not the same.

Fall is coming.
Already the trees were turning yellow!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I've had a rough summer. 
Then I've two weeks of constant apples (canning, slicing, peeling ect)
Today is prayerfully my last day of apples - next I start on cucumbers!

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Gracey said...

It's good not care what you look like sometimes, especially when camping :) Times like that ... just let you be who you are.

Looked like an amazing spot, like camping right below heaven!

Looks like you have a busy fall ahead of you. But think how great that work will taste come winter.

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