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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Meet Button!

  Please welcome Button!

When Button was only two days old a girl in my daughters online Academy class held up a cute brand new puppy!
Long story short, we went to see the puppies!
This photo is from when Button was only 4 days old!

That day she was ours!
Named and paid for!
All we had to do then was wait! and wait and WAIT!
(I hate wait*)

Button came home at 8 weeks old
on the day of our 15th anniversary!
The photo above is her meeting our other pure bred Shih Tzu Patch

This is our darling today!

She is our sunshine!
Her and Patch are FINALLY getting along,
Patch was jealous, annoyed and afraid of the little darling with razor sharp teeth.
I've currently nicknamed her Tiny Teeth of Terror and its more than fitting!

 My life is richer, fuller and more filled today!

So welcome to the family my cute baby Button!

*Favorite quote from The Princess Bride

1 comment:

Gracey said...

Soooo cute. It wouldn't be hard to fall in love with a sweetie like Button.

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