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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Finally my tiny living room is all decorated for the holidays! I just love Christmas time, from the people smiling more, to all the lights. Every year we sit down with our very young children and read the story of Jesus's birth, right now I am looking for a set of frankincense, myrrh, & gold. I like visual aides to help bring it to life especially as that is one story I want my babies to pay attention to.

Autumn next to our very shiny and not so heavily decorated tree we went for a simple look this year I am hoping to buy some better decor items on sale this year after Christmas :)
My husband's very beautiful sock, personally I think he has the best sock in the house. However I bought this from a store going out of business 4 years ago so my son is out of luck :(.
My sock is still from when I was 5 years old and my grandma hand made it for me. I love it but I want a more elegant looking one so every year I hit the stores and I just have not found quite the right look but I want to retire the one from my grandma and put it away with lavender and rosemary to keep it for future generations.
In the meantime I am working hard I am trying very hard still to lose the weight and so far I am seeing some pretty fast results, but I still have the rest of the holidays to get through and trying to lose weight at this time is not easy so I will be happy if I don't gain anything.
My hubby is starting physical therapy and needs to lose the weight or we will be looking at a second back surgery that really won't work because of all the weight, so I have around 60-70 pds to lose still and my hubby needs to lose 100 pds. I gained most my weight with my daughters pregnancy due to complications I had to have 2 bags of packed blood and platelets my body thought I was dying to it added another 20 pds on after her birth.
I am still trying very hard to get it all off (5 years later) however better late then never.

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