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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy Hair & Everything Else!

Prissy loves Crazy hair day! Each year we try to do something different - as I am not the amazing hair mama this is about as good as it gets!
G'man does not laugh at himself and really hates it when anyone else does - hence I was banned from touching his hair... poor kid.

Last night I had a meeting with his speech teacher, teacher & principal. The meeting is called an I.E.P, however, speech isn't like normal I.E.P's.
We talk about progress, about goals... and about his very rigid, self imposed, standards. You see my son aims for the moon and is very upset any time he misses.
Very upset.
Melting down, tears and self directed anger for coming short of his own goals.

We (myself and the team) all just want him to try, even if he fails, he learns and gets better.
He, doesn't see life that way. For him, right now, its all or nothing.
I am at my wits end. Thankfully, despite his growing tantrums his teachers love him.

Ps. if you are dropping by for the first time I am not a "Mommy blogger." I am not the amazing crafty, art project, every moment filled with kodak moments.
I am a brutally honest mom who fails more often than not. I have two kids that are both struggling with reading (I'm a writer, hence the irony.)
We have insane and crazy moments.

Two weekends ago I ended up in the ER with Prissy because she stabbed herself in the finger with her Epi Pen. This weekend while playing outside in the snow, she ran out of her boot.

She ran out of her boot.
In the snow.
And left it there.

When she realized that she didn't have a boot on anymore, did she come inside? Go back and grab the boot?
She wrapped her jacket around her foot and kept playing.

....I promise I could not make this up.
The insanity gets worse... its been 5 days since she walked out of her boot and guess what?
Even though its a black and hot pink hello kitty boot, its still lost somewhere out in the snow.
We have looked, all of us, every day, for hours.
I feel like singing, oh where or where has my little boot gone? Oh where oh where can he be?

Then last night, after bathing the kids I go in for a rare long hot bath.
While my head in under water I hear loud voices. Upon resurfacing I find my son on the other side of the curtain of the bathtub - crying.
I cover up, open the curtain and find him holding a bump on his head.
First words out of his mouth?
"Mama, *Prissy* just tried to kill me."

Yup 10 minutes into my bath and already the world is ending. I really should know better. I should know by now that I can not take a bath while they are awake or at home.
After questioning both of the children and my husband, no one knows anything or saw anything.
All my husband knows is that one moment my son was sitting, then his sister walked over, and then his head was hitting the floor.

In spite of everything, somehow, I have managed to convince my children's teachers, doctors ect. that I am an amazing mother.
These day's I just smile, nod and wonder if this is how most mothers feel. Like somehow we've defrauded them into thinking we are better or different than we are.

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High Heeled Life said...

Oh my dear friend... I have been away from your blog too long. I'm happy that Prissy is doing OK after her EPI Pen scare. Ouch poor little guy ... I hope his bump on the head has gone.

Hang in there my friend... you are a brilliant woman and mother ~ tomorrow is an other day and things will get better. Though I haven't been by - you have remained in thought. Hugs, C. (HHL)

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