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Friday, February 8, 2013

Whovian's vs. Trekkies

No matter the name, Geeks, Nerds, Outcasts, Brilliant Minded or just plain weird. We all love our "special" shows.
Many such shows are Monk, House, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek and my personal favorite Doctor Who.
While many of us have watched all or many of these. I have noticed a rather large difference between, Whovian's and Trekkies.
Don't get me wrong - large amounts of both groups watch both shows. However, its how they act that show what camp they really belong to.
You see a few months ago I joined a discussion on Star Trek and again this week (hence the post). We were talking about our favorite shows, captain's, characters ect when I noticed that many people would preface their questions saying - Do not say, Star Trek Enterprise.
For some odd reason most of the devote Trekkies refuse to watch or acknowledge the last Star Trek TV series.
I for one like it. I like the cast, the crew and the premise.
However, I am also a Whovian.
You see us, Doctor Who'rs, are used to change. We might not always like losing our favorite doctor (mine being David Tennant) but we move on and allow the new doctor to grab our hearts.
Each new Doctor brings something new to the Tardis.
His own personality, quirks and isms.

It does not seem that Trekkies have the same open heart/mind. Which has left them without a continuing TV show.
Why would they create another TV show for a group of people who love Star Trek, but ONLY the versions already out. Loving only the past.
Even the new Star Trek movies - which are amazing! - are still causing ripples in the Trekkie groups.
Many are hoping that the movies will find a way to realign the time lines - allowing the Star Trek they know and love to still "continue".
Instead of allowing the new off rail version of the timeline.

For a show that was supposed to challenge the way people thought or saw things. Challenging preconceptions and ideas, their die hard fans don't seem to like change.
They don't even seem willing to try.
I have read too many times, I heard the Enterprise wasn't good so I didn't watch it.
Eh? Really?
You love Star Trek, but some random person's opinion is going to stop you from forming your own opinion?

So I say if you are a Stuck Star Trekkie, give Enterprise a try. If that concept is too radical for you at first then try watching Doctor Who.

Update: A few ideas to re-launch the Star Trek Series for ALL the fans.
1. Joss Whedon directs it.
2. Bring Wesley Crusher on as the Capt. Will Wheaton is at a perfect age to come back for this role! (The idea that he has a special future and special powers being added in would make a wonderful new twist to the series.)
3. Have Star Trek move into the area of space occupied by The Alliance/Rebels from the Firefly series. They made comments about "Earth that was" but never stated that it was gone - just that they left after pollution - which fits in line with Earth's history in Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Bell Riots.


Michael Harris said...

The difference if the culture that created the shows. The US has become very closed minded on most issues. You are either for or against something. You don't get to say it's ok, either the greatest or the worst; no in between. It's sad.

Telisha Garris said...

As a US person I would say that statement isn't fair.

I stick to my original statements in the post.

Iris said...

Doctor Who is huge in the US. I randomly talk to someone and five to ten minutes in they reveal they watch the show. Many Americans do suffer the closed mindedness, but I just pretend they are all part of the opposite political party.

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