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Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Beginings

The black shirt is from Christmas - its the original before.
The red/hospital gown is after losing 20 pds in the two weeks before surgery.

He is home.
No more complications.
A few very long days of recovery and then we start to walk!
I have lost and gained back the 4 pounds and am still working on losing.
Healthy diet, exercise and sticking to it - should help.
This is the last stage on my Path to Me.
The first few stages were waking up, getting active, accomplishing goals and re-finding my sense of humor.
The last phase and the longest is to lose all the depression and baby weight that I gained.

Will keep you posted.

This is a little bit of the amazing moments that kept me away from my blog. Sorry, its been so long. Will keep you posted on our weight loss.

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