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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The hub's and recovery

Monday Hubby went in for Gastric Bypass Surgery.
He was supposed to come home today.
Supposed, is the key word.
There was a minor complication.

Minor as in, it won't cause any problems, need surgery ect ect.
Complication as in, he's not home.
Tomorrow they will x-ray him again, check his progress and decide whether or not to release him.

You see they have to check to make sure there aren't any holes. However, sometimes - like this time - they see something else.
The upper intestine was LARGE, filled with air. The small intestine wasn't moving. Two things can cause this, a blockage and a temper tantrum.
Luckily for my hubby his is due to a temper tantrum. (They have a very technical term for it) However its when the muscle refuses to squeeze again.
In other words its angry at being cut and throwing a baby fit.

On its own it will start to work again within a few days at max. They will go in and x-ray him again tomorrow and see if its moving yet.
If it is then he will be released.
If not he will spend another night in the hospital.
Thankfully all of this is covered by insurance.
As long as the doctor notes it in the charts (and he has) we have already met our out of pocket deductible so this is all a free ride.
Too bad its not more fun.

The kids and I, miss him, miss normal and frankly I think I could drive to the hospital blindfolded.

Will post photos hopefully tomorrow.
The good news is in the 2 weeks pre-surgery hubby lost 20 pounds! Can you imagine how quickly he might lose the weight over the next few months?
I really have to kick my butt into gear so I can catch up!


Teena Churchill said...

Oh so sorry to her there has been an issue. Sounds like he is in good hands!! I hope all goes well and he will be released soon!! ((Hugs))

Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Hope your hubby is home soon. Sounds like he is good hands and the doctors are taking great care of him. I had a friend who did this surgery and it's amazing the results ...

You will do great my friend... eat healthy ... watch portions (this is my biggest challenge) and be active (also another area I struggle with.)...

Sending you hugs and prayers ...xo C. (HHL)

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