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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A long time with a long road

Its been two months since I have posted. I am sorry.
I have so many things I would love to share and document.
So many projects, activities, and family events that I have stored away wanting to share.

They were swept away with our recent choice. My husband is going in for Gastric Bypass Surgery, tomorrow.
For the past two weeks he has had nothing to eat, drinking only fluids and protein shakes.
I tried to follow the same diet as he did, I made it 2 days. Kid you not, I get grouchy without food!

Instead I swapped to eating breakfast (smaller portions and calories) and dinner (also smaller portions).
In the two weeks I have lost 4.5 pounds. Tomorrow we will find out how much hubby has lost.

We are determined to have our lives back.
Since this is a very physically demanding task - losing so much weight so quickly weakens you - we have been running around the house finishing off projects, getting the house as ready as we can for the next few months.

We have even worked more on the kids playground as they will be off school soon.
In the mean time while my husband is off work recovering (you have to be able to move around and his job is sedate) we are hoping to get some house painting done.
Today we finished fixing the out side lights, the leaky faucet and a few things out side.

Tomorrow at 1:30 pm we go in and he should be released to come home Tuesday.
 I will post more - hopefully some before and after photos as well!


This is Us! said...

Love and prayers for you and your husband!! Keep us updated.

Celia M. High Heeled Life said...

Dearest Telisha, what a journey you all have been going through. Sending positive thoughts and prayers that all goes well and that your hubby recovers quickly. Great to be taking your health in your hands ... I'm working away on my next 10 lbs. and it is not easy.

Thoughts and prayers to you all, hugs, C. (HHL)

P.S. so happy to see you posting. xo

Teena Churchill said...

Hi, I know two ladies who have had this done. One lady had it a year ago and she lost a ton of weight. Another girl I know had it done about a month ago. I wish him well and I know this will workout and he will be feeling great in no time!! I have seen the results and they are amazing. You both are strong willed. I know this is a going to be a great step forward for both of you.

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