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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Herbs and Kids

Goods things:
1.My herbs have really grown in the two weeks since I started them!
2. Prissy my beautiful 7 year old girl learned to whistle last night - All by herself!
3. I am cooking and then will blog my families secret special spaghetti sauce. (No not all the amounts will be listed some secrets must be kept after all.)

Bad Things:
1. My son fell on his head today while swinging between the two couches. (This is not his first injury from this past time.)
2. My last wonderful white starbucks mug that my sister gave me died today. Ironically they must have had the same flaw as both the handles broke away. Now to do justice to these wonderful large coffee mugs I will explain that one lasted 3 years and the other 4 years of hard and frequent use.

I will have to make a run later to buy another set of large heavy mugs - some things you just can't live without!

Yes I live my life in the little moments, if I waited for the big ones I would only live once every 5 years.

As to my hubby and his recent health scare he is on stronger meds and thankfully he did not suffer a minor stroke just a really bad panic attack. This scares me! While at the same time relieves a major stress, how on earth would I handle my husband having strokes in his mid 30's?
Only God knows what the future has in store for us but I would like to spend it with my hubby.

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Tired Mom said...

Yay for herbs and whistling! Sorry for the bonk on the head and about your mugs =(

And thank goodness he didn't have a stroke! I really hope the new mix of meds is better for him!!!

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