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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update - despite it all I still laugh

So Sunday hubby came home early from work - his health problems are getting worse. Moving into more dangerous areas of possible stroke. We have spent the last few days taking care of him.
The kids are finally over their colds and I am the last with the runny nose and cough. No matter what I do I am having a hard time shaking this off.

Yesterday to make things worse I spilled boiling hot water on my stomach. I now have a lovely blooming pink and red spot about five inches by four inches. It is still very sensitive and I am sure it will take several days to heal.
Luckily for me though I know how to treat such things and the pain is gone - as long as its not touched!

Snow has been plentiful this year it has been our good fortune that it snows then melts and then snows again. I feel so bad for those that keep getting more and more and more snow piling up.

Now moving onto the more random ramblings I have reconnected with an old friend and have found joy in being able to talk to her again! How I love Facebook!

Next I have been in a cooking mood this week and will be blogging my on my food blog. As for my book blog I am a little behind. I lost my editor as her family as become more demanding on her time. So I have trapped my hubby into taking over for a little bit. I am hoping to be able to retire him once I get published.
Whether I ever make a ton of money I don't really care just enough to pay off the house, get the kids into a better school and have the hubby be able to stay home and play with our house sounds just perfect.

All in all despite of all the downfalls of the last few months we have smiled, laughed and had good times as a family and in the end that's what counts right?

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TJ said...

Sorry to hear about your husbands health. Hopefully everything will be normal soon. And your burn, Ouch! And your sons boo boo from climbing between the couch's. Hope this is an uneventfull day. :) Take Care, TJ

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