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Saturday, February 12, 2011

New house guests and an average day with the kids

See aren't they the cutest little new house guests in the whole world? 
I do! I also can't wait to see the new movie Gnomio and Juliet!

No I was not always into Gnomes, but in the last few years their cheeky adorable nature won me over.

I think my little puppy needs a bigger bed!

So proud of their new puzzles and how quickly they (with mama's help) put them together.

I bought two boxes so technically I can do all 6 herbs provided 

Three will be enough for today.
If I have enough energy and the kids are still on the mend then I might do the other three.

Still not to much going on in our life right now as the kids are sick and still having issues with vomiting, colds and some diarrhea. Not pleasent.
Last week my children broke my new ebook and luckily enough we had enough spare money that my hubby bought me a new one. One that my children aren't allowed to breath on muchless touch.


Tired Mom said...

Lovin' the Gnomes =) Really hoping you all feel better SOON!!!

Dawn Marie said...

Reminds me of a mutual fried who needs to be posting more pictures soon.
I'm exited to see how your herbs grow, I've never had good luck with all of that. I just seem to get dirt on my sink. I do not have a green thumb, :(

Dawn Marie said...

you mentioned coming by and seeing what you were making for dinner? I've already checked out your recipe blog, and that one was from January, and it was the gluten free pizza crust recipe, did you make it yet?

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