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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh No You Didn't!!!

Doesn't he look cute?
Not to me and not right now!

My adorable little man just went into the potty and peed on the floor! This was not him trying to make it to the potty. Nope he just made a large puddle in the middle of the floor!!!

I wish my mama was alive right now so I could once again apologize for my childhood and thank her again that I lived to adulthood! I now fully understand what a miracle it was!

So yes, my almost five year old fully potty trained son is driving me to the brink of my sanity! So in honor of the occasion my son got a quick lesson in mopping. Lets hope this is the end of it.


Tired Mom said...

GRR! You tell him auntie Margie is not happy and he needs to pee in the potty or I won't take him out anymore. Maybe that will help motivate him??? Sorry you're going through this! If it makes you feel better, I had to wash both my kid's bedding the last couple of days 'cause BOTH of them peed all over their beds. It's no fun and not fair.

Blessed Rain said...

Very sorry! I am just frustrated that now that he if finally night trained and accident free for so long he goes and pulls a baby stunt like this!!!

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