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Friday, April 15, 2011

5 years and counting!

This day in year 1738 The bottle opener was invented
This day in year 1912 The Titanic sank
This day in year 1817 The first American school for the deaf opened in Hartford, CT.
This day in year 1955 McDonald's started
This day in year 1973 The Walt Disney Store Opened
This day in year 1892 General Electric Formed and was incorporated in NY
This day in year 1800 James Ross discovered the Magnetic North Pole

And most importantly This day in year 2006 my son Little Man was born!

Last night my BFF, my son, and I went shopping. We get a little carried away sometimes when we get to shopping sales and stay out late. So on the last night of being 4, my son just couldn't hack the shopping!
Here are the photos of his last night being 4!

This morning when I woke my son to the sweet tunes of Happy Birthday, I was not expecting him to burst into tears! So much so that I went and grabbed a camera - It got better or worse depending on how you were thinking it might go. Video is posted below and yes we will be entering it into AFV!

You will be happy to know that only a mere 5 hours later he was willing to say he was 5 years old. All it took was me telling him that 4 year old's don't get playgrounds poof! the tears finally dried and he was happy with it being his birthday today! Whew one year down and how many more to go! Hopefully they won't all start with tears!


Tired Mom said...

I'm sorry, but AHAHAHA!!!! LOL!! ROTFLMBO!!! Definitely AFV material! I'm just glad he's ok with being 5 now =) Such a cutie...

Blessed Rain said...

Oh I know I mean how many kids in the world have a melt down over their birthday!!!

Dawn Marie said...

that's funny, even with the promise of a party and presents he is just not okay with being five.

Evelyn said...

Oh my gosh, that was hilarious!! What a little cutie. Munchkin had such a good time with him and your daughter (don't know her "internet" name)!

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