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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

 Good Friday!

Now while some people want to make a big hullabaloo about Global warming. Like this guy who wants everyone to see the beautiful parts of the world before its all gone.
For me I am more of a believer that its not global warming as much as its the climates changing, again.
Don't get me wrong, I take care of my planet. Not out of fear but because I can and because I think litter is gross.
I think you should recycle because you can - we have the intelligence and ability to do it - so why continue to waste the items in a useless landfill?
I think reducing, reusing and recycling is not only smart for the planet, but for your wallet.

Buying things greener are also normally more healthy not only for the planet but for you the consumer. Buying organic food vs pesticide filled food is healthier for you AND the planet. See win win.

Now back to climate changing, I live in Utah. A very long time ago my whole state was apart of a lake, this lake sprung a leak a thousand or so years ago and created the grand canyon. (Yes popular scientific theory has that down as a slow leak of millions of years but really?! A giant lake that is no longer there and a big ravine tell me something a little different.) Southern Utah has evidence of being a lake, a swamp, farm land and now a dessert.
Its a cycle, do I know what is coming next for Utah? Nope, Luckily I know it won't ever become a giant lake again - we do have that large handy ravine that would funnel it all to Arizona - nice right?
Hahaha I know I'm evil, but I recycle so its ok!


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