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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Advice vol 2

RCA has this wonderful set of two portable dvd players but wait they have two remotes and can play TWO dvds! This normally goes from $150-170. Shopko's three day sale that started this morning had them selling for 118.00!

Yes I was there at 9 am and had to wait while the electronic department found keys, and what everyone (15 people) wanted. Not surprisingly 8 people, at least, were there for these!

Management nicely asked those that wanted these to get in line in order of who showed up first we were third in line. The lady behind us was huffy impatient and not paying much attention.
The employee ran to the back room pulled the two items the man in front of us wanted and went to ring him up. Lady behind me rolls her eyes huffs and says, "I knew it!" walking briskly away in an angry huff tizzy of a storm. Very melodramatic.

Husband I look at each other and wait in line, help arrives as another employee comes to help with the long lines in the electronics she asks what we are all waiting for - we tell her. She runs into the back and walks out with a huge armload of them.

My free advice for the day - never suppose something - always wait for conformation before acting like an idiot and losing out on a great deal!

P.S while their sales are while supplies last, if they run out of things on opening day especially in the morning they normally will offer a rain check.


Tired Mom said...

AHAHAHA!!!! What a dumb lady! Couldn't be bothered to wait just a few more minutes and she would've been happy. I'm glad you got it!

Blessed Rain said...

They look amazing! It even comes with two plug in cables so we can split them between two cars! Crazy! What a great set up - very versatile!
Funny though the difference of two minutes and a little bit of patience!

Dawn Marie said...

that is funny! I'm glad you are happy with them.

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