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Sunday, November 14, 2010

200th post full of economy predictions and house news

Many people over the last few years keep saying that the economy is only going to get worse. 
I myself have laid the blame on both the gas companies and the banks for how they have handled their business over the last few years. I don't apologize or change that view in the slightest. 

What I am doing is saying that while the naysayers and many want to continue to predict bad times ahead I am saying that the bad times are almost over.
What causes me to say this?

My 401K 

That's right our 401k is the best guide I can use to show the state of the economy. My husband puts 7-8% into his 401 and is matched 5% by his company creating a fast growing pile of money. The first year in a half we accumulated 11,000. Then the economy hit bottom and our account dropped to 9,000 and stayed low for several months while we continued to buy.

The next year it went up to 15,000 and this year we are still on a comfy 24,000. As predictions go this is fairly easy to see that the market is up, moving selling and people are no longer holding tight to their pennies.

This does not mean that the housing market has recovered and I am sure it will take several more years for that market to balance back out again - I can attest that its a buyers mar

Concerning our house and our finances this is what is going on.
We have had the line inspected and have received a bid for 1500.00  to fix the main line coming into the house. We were able to get the credit card, (4,000 at 9.2% and a 15.00 annual fee have to love credit unions) but we have decided to take some of the money from our 401 to pay for the repair as we repay it at 4% to ourselves. I rather like the idea of repaying the money to myself and not to someone else.

My prediction is that the slump is at an end. People are shopping, celebrating, hiring and happy again. Fear can after all only last so long.

Have a happy and wonderful holiday and remember Christmas is about our savior Jesus Christ rejoicing and being with family. Not what presents we give each other, but being thankful for the present of the baby Jesus.


Kim said...

Sounds to me like you are doing the smart thing by borrowing from your 401K rather than a credit card. You are soo smart to not have a credit card!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Dawn Marie said...

that's great that you were able to borrow from your 401k.
I hope all is back and running smoothly soon for you all.

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