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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Homeownership woes and Veterans day

I love my home. I really really do. I have 9 days until Mid Sis arrives. I have the bedrooms ready, I still have to clean floors, walls, put away cloths, toys and books not to mention finish fixing the kitchen. These things will be done in time.

But like many other new homeowners things crop up that were unexpected and unforeseen. Things that come with $200.00 water bills. One day of inspecting and turning things off we have determined that we have a major leak from the main pipe coming into the house. The expected repair bill for this (our friend Shayne did the same repair a few years ago) is $2,000! OUCH!!!

This has caused us to look into different alternatives as it HAS to be repaired quickly. For the first time in our 8 1/2 year marriage we have applied for a credit card. P.S No matter how many times people tell you that you can't buy a house without a credit card - don't believe them - WE DID!

So until we are approved for this or some other form of loan we have taken to turning the water off from the main at night so at least we won't be wasting extra money and water then. What makes this extra fun is today is Veterans Day! I thank God for all those men that have willingly put their lives on the line to protect my family, and my country. This year, however, it also means that we have to wait another day before we can do anything official about our problems. AHHHHHH!!!!!

Have I mentioned that I love my house? I really really do. Its just really really old.

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Doris Trueheart said...

I know what you mean. I'm making repairs on my home too.

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