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Monday, November 1, 2010


I have been hard at work cleaning. Cleaning ever since I moved in.
Cleaning the floor from the residue of yucky old carpet and years of abuse.
I have been cleaning beer stains and smoke tar stains from the walls, doorways and windows.

I have been wrestling with laundry and figuring out where to put it all since the kids cloths are still piled in huge piles in my room, until we can get their rooms fixed.

I have been cleaning unpacking and wrestling with potty training my son and a new baby puppy that likes to poop on my floors.

Do I get any form of slack for the fact that we are in the middle of seven major remodels as well as unpacking, cleaning and settling in?


Instead I get a host of snarky rude comments from several different areas that think I should magically be able to finishing putting things away into spaces that don't exist.

Here is my response it will be done by Thanksgiving if you have issues with my home before then - DON'T COME OVER!

I am way to tired and grumpy to deal with this on top of everything else I have to do.
So if any of my other posts, responses or comments have been equally snarky and rude I apologize.


abdul said...

cleaning home

There must have been about 15 different items for cleaning my house. Albeit I don't use all of them every time, that is just way too many chemicals in my home. I boxed them up and started thinking about what cleaning home

Blessed Rain said...


This is the next cleaner I am getting - as well as giving for Christmas presents this year!

Dawn Marie said...

Who would be rude to you and your new house? You have years of grime and stuff to clean. I hope negative people do stay away. We need all the positive energy we can get this Thanksgiving! All of us sisters need to band together and sweep out the rude ones that enter your doorway. :)

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