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Friday, November 19, 2010

Our water is fixed!

Easiest way to tell this story is to show it!

They needed to dig really deep so they could tunnel underneath the sidewalk to the city water line.
And then continued digging. Normally they like to pull the pipe through, however our pipe was original to the house sixty years old and had more holes than you can imagine.

This is a small eight inch section proving to me that our main line has been leaking for years and the previous owners just paid the  high water bills. Six weeks in the house (today) and we have already taken care of it.
No way on earth I am paying 300.00 a month and risking my foundation and yard for something that only took 1500.00 and half a day to fix.

70 feet of pipe 4 - 6 feet deep of dirt and a huge pile of rocks later and I have new non leaky pipe!

What it looks like when it was done - lots and lots of dirt. Next summer we are going to have to reseed the yard - not that it was great when we moved in.

They even redid our stopnwaste for the sprinkler system as they didn't like how it was set up. White is the old black is the new. Best of all seeing the water meter NOT moving!


Dawn Marie said...

I'm so glad that you got that fixed, you would really hate to have to fix your foundation and all the issues that come with that.

Tired Mom said...

Thank goodness this is taken care of. Now you can stop worrying about turning your water on and off!

Blessed Rain said...

I am thrilled this has been one emotional roller coaster! They did a great job though and I am very happy with the work they provided.

Casdok said...

Impressive holes! Glad its all fixed.

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