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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last night my empty next door neighbors house burnt up!
This was my attempt to get a photo of the smoke coming from the house before the fire trucks set up and got going. Didn't work and within the next few minutes the smoke was so bad that we were forced inside our home.

For the next few hours smoke poured from the home next door and into mine, we ended up holding handkerchiefs across our noses to keep from chocking. The smoke was so thick it looked like a fog bank rolled in.

A few hours later three teams of fire fighters had the fire out and the air clear again. I don't believe the house is reparable even if the fire didn't damage it too badly the water was sure to. Not to mention that its been empty for the past three years. From what we have been told the woman who lived their is in a care center for the elderly and her family is holding the property until she passes.

This was the side of the house that had the most amount of smoke.

And this is where they cut multiple hole to climb into the house.
Funny thing is they went through the side window before the cut the door off of the garage.

Now we are safe and our home is safe, and I am left with an inhabitable home next to me.
I will keep everyone posted on the repair, tear down or abandonment of the home.
For me this story is just starting.


Dawn Marie said...

your life has so much excitement. I'm kind of glad that mine is much more quite though. I'm glad you are all okay.

TJ said...

Bless your heart - the move into your home has been an experience to remember.

Admin said...

Hi.. Blogwalking From Indonesia.. :)

Malini said...

Glad no harm was done to you or yours.

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