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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Day Two

Yesterday we had Christmas with my father and step mom. 
In the upper corner is a photo of us - my hubby, me, Prissy and G'man.
Diane (step mom) was so busy it wasn't until I got home that I realized that I didn't have any good photos of her - from this visit at least.
Oh well, maybe Saturday when we see each other again.

The day, the food and our time was great!
We had to leave early due to another engagement.

Our old next door neighbors, when we lived in the mobile home a few years ago, needed some help fixing their laptop.
As her family is all out of country she communicates mostly via video chat.
Naturally Christmas is a big time for the family to get together - even if only online.
They surprised us with their newest addition to their family - chi-co, a 6 week old Shih Tzu boy puppy.
They loved our dog Patch so much that they went and bought one of their own!
I must admit they are great family dogs - and wonderful for those that are allergic to dogs.
My daughter can not handle any other dogs (so far) but she is fine with Patch as long as she washes and keeps the dog away from her face.
I have passed on the extra tips as her oldest daughter and my girls number one best friend is also allergic to dogs.
They have been best friends since before they could talk to each other!

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