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Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Moon

We have almost two feet of snow and it snowed lightly again today. 

As for the moon - its was achingly beautiful.
So much better than the photo - I am still learning my different camera settings and this was the best photo I was able to get before the cold had me shaking to hard to continue.
Hint: if you want to take a photo at night, in the middle of winter, put shoes and a coat on FIRST!

Right now it looks like we would be starting off the new year in surgery.
The hubby has several kidney stones on each side - one is as large as 11.6 mm!
The doctor needs to check the stats and figure out if they can blast them apart or if they will need to go in and remove them.
Also we will have to have his para thyroid checked again.
Last time he had 14 kidney stones we ended up having one of his para thyroids removed (it was HUGE)
They are what can causes calcium kidney stones.
So we may be back in for surgery on his thyroid - we did the last one 8 years ago - the day before my mother died, not hard to remember that date.

We are still in the early stages, the doctor has yet to finish testing or choosing what options to pursue in treating this - please keep us in your prayers as this is causing my husband a great deal of pain.

Edit: The largest measured kidney stone of my husbands (so far) is 11.8 mm - more scans are being taken and it may not be the largest.
Also he had issues with my word - achingly - to which I suggested he start his own manly blog with manly words. ;)

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