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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Night Circus

The Night Circus - the words themselves suggest mystery.

The story in the book evolves and changes. You start out a by-standard following a suggested path. The path twists, then twists again, a time or two the path branches off only to come back again, in the end however, its like watching a top spin amazingly fast then to have it come to a stop as a ballerina.

The whole book is a senses delight. Colors, sights, smells, people and emotions.
Its vivid, literal, magical and metaphorical, all wrapped into a sensual emotive package.
While the book changes, taking you with it, it ends perfectly.

If you are someone with limited imagination and rarely see what you read, this book will change you forever.
If you are like me and seeing is why you read, your mind will expand the details. Will remember them from earlier and continue to add to the whole experience.
Its amazing.

Reading it again will be even more magical. This time I will see all the hidden clues, charms and delight in them in a new way. Understanding how they come together in the end.

I will be saving my money for tickets, one will not be enough.
I will be in the very late night crowd.
And I will be dressed in Gray, Black or White with one small touch of Red.
I am also sure that I will not be alone.

Come and read with me, come and watch with me.
Never to be the same again.

Come join the Circus of Dreams

I would also like to thank my sister for demanding - loudly and repeatedly that I read this book.


Just Kerry said...

I Get credit for this!!! I Demanded she read it first!!! LOL

Telisha Garris said...

Then Thank you Kerry! In two and a half years you want to see the movie with me?

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