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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Sprinkling of Magic

Every child's life needs some Magic...

For my children it's the tooth fairy

Now some have been confused.
We don't have Santa in our house and the Easter bunny isn't welcome either.
The part that people get confused on is WHY they aren't welcome.
They cover or gloss over important holy days.
I want my children to know and appreciate the real reason for Christmas and Easter.
It's not that I don't want my children to have dreams or a little bit of Magic, Childhood should have a small touch of Magic.

The Tooth fairy however, is allowed.
My children place their teeth into a bag (my girl has a tinkerbell tooth fairy pillow)
Last night my son finally lost his tooth - or rather papa finally was able to yank it from his head!
Due to the holiday we allowed him to place his tooth under his Christmas tree - easier for the toothfairy to find it.

Now both my children have been caught bragging to others that their tooth fairy doesn't bring them useless money.
They get toys, stickers, candy...
Pretty much whatever mama finds in dollar bins that looks cool and I hide it away for later.

A few weeks ago our friends Shayne & Sara invited our family to join them for a special showing of Arthur Christmas at Jordan Commons today at 9 am.
G'man, the cutie above, who looks fine now, woke up at 6 am SICK.
First it was vomit, then it switched to Diarrhea.
Really bad, every five minutes, can't make it to the potty Diarrhea.
In one hour he went through 6 changes of clothes.
I had to wash the floor twice!
I am tired and exhausted.

However, Papa and Prissy went to the movie.
G'man and I watched it on pause at home - pausing every time he ran for the potty!
Prissy came home with two huge goody bags!
Jordan Commons had Santa and Elves at the Theater and gave away very nice goody bags for everyone that came and even one little sick boy that didn't!

As for the movie, Arthur Christmas
I only recently got this move and watched it.
Its a new family holiday favorite!

One young man in the Santa family, but not a hopeful for the title, still cares.
He goes to extraordinary lengths, battles his own fears and in the end prevails on getting the last present delivered.
Its worth watching.
I encourage you to add it to your holiday watch list this year!

As for G'man - now that he cleaned out his whole intestinal track - he is fine.

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High Heeled Life said...

Telisha .... you are a true blessing to your children ~ you give them so much more than Santa ever would. Glad to hear Gman is feeling better. Our 7 year old Godchildren both have missing front teeth...Wishing you a wonderful day..Hugs, C. (HHL)

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