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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dastardly Duo Holidays

I love my dastardly duo, very much.
There are times, however, that I do wonder where they picked some things up...

Prissy the other days tells me: Mama, G'man hasn't been good - he's mean to me all the time. You need to take his presents back and get him coal.
Me: I'm not Santa love, you both get presents because I want to give you something not because either one of you have been good or bad - and lets face it love, neither of you would get presents if I was like Santa.
Prissy: But mama! (shock, gasp, big eyes) I love you mama! I took the trash out and emptied the dish washer... doesn't that make me good?

At this point I shake my head and walk away. She is such a scammer! She wants her brother to get nothing and her to get everything!

This year has been the best year for us so far. The kids were spoiled beyond belief!
They got clothes, toys, electronics and goodies.
For many this looks like a normal Christmas - for my children however, they fell into their wildest dreams.
You see, we are not well off. A few years ago my kids both got dollar store items, a few outfits and laundry hampers - they LOVED the hampers - played with them for hours on end.

We have been so blessed in recent years - a home, a car, amazing friends and a great job.
I can only pray that so many others are as blessed as we have been.

Christmas day one (yesterday) is done. Today round two continues at the grandparents.

No matter what day you celebrate don't forget to be thankful for life, your friends and your blessings!

Here is a cup of cocoa ~ Merry Christmas!

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