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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blood and Vampires

There are things in this world that we pay for. 

Some things we like, drinks, treats, clothes ect. Then there is the inevitable transportation fee's, insurances fee's and taxes.
Then there is a whole other lists, the why in the heck am I paying for THIS list.

You know the list, I am sure you have one as well. Don't we all? Today I was forced to pay for one of mine.

The drawing of my blood.

Now for most people this is a hassle, a bother, a discomfort of life.
Not for me.

For me its like paying some one to torture me in the high hopes that they can fix something that is broken - seriously broken.
I am, what most blood sucking vampires also known as phlebotomists, call a hard stick.
Not only am I a hard stick, but I have small veins that like to roll.

My body really wants to take are of itself and really hates to give away even one drop of blood.

Due to this I have found different types of blood suckers.
Those that listen 
Those that don't 
and those that try really really hard.

Today I got the last one. I now have a huge bruise from where she prodded and poked around inside of my body, piercing the vein repeatedly, until she was able to get the blood to flow.

Four tiny vials later and I walk out knowing full well why I have put this off for so many years. It's not just all the doctors visits, all the co-pays, all the medicine, its the knowing that if I have a problem with either of my cholesterol or my thyroid, I will have to endure this on a more regular basis.

I am no baby for pain, but having a middle age chatty kathy digging around in your arm is not something that you jump up and down in line for either.

So today as you can tell I got my blood drawn and in one or two weeks I will find out if all of this was worth it and how much more of this I will need to endure.

For those that don't believe vampires exist I suggest a trip to your doctors.
They are hiding in plain site everyday...

1 comment:

Dawn Marie said...

lol, I'm sorry! you hard stick you! I hope things are fine and that you don't need to keep going back to those vampires.

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