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Friday, March 11, 2011

Warnings and My New Phone!

The first part falls under my Free Advice. 
Warnings first as this might save lives.
Super Moon March 19th we are going to be blessed with seeing a super moon! This is wonderful and exciting, but can come with repercussions.
The moon is going to be closer to Earth than it has been in 18 years and this time it will be full!
Meaning the sun will be on one side of the planet and the moon on the other. Normally when the moon is full we have a 1% increase in earthquakes and larger waves - ebbing of the tides is a stronger pull, but what will a super full moon mean for us as a planet? Well today is only the 11th and we've just had a massive Tsunami in Japan, created by a 8.9 earthquake. See Article.
What you can do to prepare for a disaster in your area - map out an evac drive route in case of flooding or fires. Store up food and fresh water. Check over your survival/camping gear, making sure you have items to cook on is very important. Make sure you have a stocked first aid kit. Also remember if an earth quake hits your area you want to shut everything off - gas, water, and power to make sure you don't have any surges or issues. Depending on the severity they can be turned back on pretty quickly. Keeping your car filled up right now with gas prices rising can be hard, but it could save your life if you need to drive over mountains to get safe.
Do I think that every place is going to be affected or that the moon caused this? Not really, however, its prudent to pay attention to whats going on with our world.
Gas, food and water are not that hard to stock up on for a few days, nor hard to use if no disaster follows.

 Now for the unveiling. It's not a very popular model, its made mostly for teens and people like me - who want smart phone features without the data package! I have a data block on the line now but with this phone i can wifi in my home.

Did I mention unveiling? Yeah this was just so hilarious opening it up that I had to photo every stage!

Wait wait we're not done yet!

Ta Da! 
I know what a way to package a phone right?

I am still getting everything set up with the new phone - putting in my contacts adding in photos and my music lists. Tonight I will be adding some more music into the phone. Yeah!

Now I am going back to sleep! 
My daughter has been sick the last two nights, the first night with high fevers, last night with vomiting and diarrhea.
She is fine today, hungry and tired from being up two nights in a row, but for the most part it looks like she is over whatever it was to begin with.

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