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Friday, March 4, 2011

I give up!

Alright after years of gaining weight and not being able to lose any no matter what I have done. I did it. I finally made an appointment to see a dr.

My first step was to find a dr. who is much closer to me than my current dr. Having found a clinic next to my new home, I called up and made an appointment.

With most places making a New Patient Visit can be weeks out, with this place, a new place with lots of dr.'s and few patients I was seen the same day I called - Today.

Monday I will be going in for blood testing. I am being tested for Thyroid issues as well as Cholesterol issues.

I fully expect to find that my Cholesterol levels are higher than they should be. I have been having issues with fatigue, tiredness, and headaches. Due to this we have been getting take out far too often. Lucky for me hubby has once again started his diet. Making me start eating healthier.

In the meantime, I await the results on my Thyroid. It will determine what I do next and which steps we take in trying to lose weight. I now have a dr. I can see and be seen by on a same day basis. She is a little rough around the edges and not very good at explaining everything, but we will see where and how this goes.


Tired Mom said...

Good luck sweetie!

TJ said...

I take thyroid meds- being fatigue is a big red flag. If that is the problem - after a few tweeks - they can normally get you feeling better again. Weight is another flag. Let us know.

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