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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Shopko day?!?!

So I am a might tad confused its ok and its also very normal for me! Today I dressed the family in green checked them all over, quickly checked the internet to make sure of what time Shopko opened in the morning and then drove everyone to their designated areas.
Hubby - work
Prissy - Bus stop (yes it is rather far from the house almost as far as her school next year that she is being transferred too!)

Then Littleman and I went to spend a few cold morning minutes in the car. He was smart and took a quick nap while mama read a book, checking the clock every few minutes.
Then beeline and a quick dash to the door and I was one of the first people in the store and shopping!

Here is what I went running for! Normally 169.99 on sale for 79.99! I bought a matching clearance sheet set (500 count) and one extra pillow (see the light blue with the flowers?) yes! A nice new beautiful bed set! I now have two amazing bedroom sets one green and one blue!

Here is a close up as well as a less fuzzy picture! I got there at 9am right when they opened and it was a good thing! I bought the only queen in the whole store! Seriously!!!

Then little man and I went off to look for his up coming B-day as well as some Easter toys. Tonight I am headed back with my BFF I forgot to look for a garbage can as well as dvd/music folders for my hubby. Not that I mind going back to a great and wonderful sale - when they make things down they mark them down!

So Celebrate St. Patricks Day and go shopping!

Now as to what has been going on with me health wise - I am healthy! Voila!
At least for what they tested LOL.
I am being sent for a sleep study to find out if I am sleep deprived due to sleep apnea - not really sure about this as my hubby has sleep apnea and I don't think I am that bad...
Anyway I am being treated for being Vit D deficient and will need to explore other options if the sleep test comes back negative.


Tired Mom said...

Lovin' the bedset! It looks AWESOME!

Dawn Marie said...

I love your bed set, it's very pretty.
I'm glad that you are getting some answers though, even if you didn't find the cause on this round.

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