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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Girls Night Out!

While some people may hold a romantic notion that,. stay at home mama's have much time and leisure. For my best friend and I that simple isn't true.
She works hard taking care of, and work with her two special needs children. I am still busy trying to unpack, repair and make this house a home - not to mention my hours of work a day on my book that yes I still hope to get published.
For these reasons my BFF and I normally spend our girl times grocery shopping or having play dates with the kids.

I am fortunate that in a friendship as long as ours that we still live close enough for  frequent contact even if it means airing out all of issues in the middle of store X.
Last night however, in a wonderful break from the normal we were given time off by our hubby's to have a proper girls night out at dinner!
It is heaven to be able to talk about all the little things in our lives, without seeing the long suffering looks from our husbands and hearing, uh huh, or yes dear, every few sentences!

It might end up being another couple of years before we have another night out like this again, but last night was golden!

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Tired Mom said...

It absolutely was! I loved it and I had to laugh at how other people kept looking at us, as if to say, "You're being loud..." Haha! I don't care, I'm having FUN! Thanks for the night out! =)

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