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Thursday, March 10, 2011


There are so many things we have in common - values, likes, ideas, our brains work well together. There are so many other things we don't have in common - I love olives - she hates them. I love gardening and couldn't wait to get a home with a bit of dirt to play in. She on the other hand hates dirt, things that grow and getting her hands dirty. I am NOT kidding.

Last year when we lived in her basement we helped with many projects. The one that her and I did all by ourselves was put in a rock garden over the side of her yard that the previous owners had filled with all sorts of wild flowers - flowers that had long since gone to weed.

We took wagon load after wagon load of pea gravel dumped it and then moved several large rocks from the back to set off the rock garden nicely. As we were working (we had a limited amount of time to move the gravel - like one day) her neighbor came out to tell us how we should have done it. Putting in wee barriers, weed kill, tilling it first turning over the dirt ect. Not as we were doing just dumping the rocks down in our haste to get them their rather than waste the time and lost the rocks.

Now while I will freely admit that there is a proper way to do a thing and a non proper way to do a thing. We or rather I had already suggest a much better, far less conventional method for holding back weeds. Now before I get into what that brilliant plan is and have the whole world hate me - for oh yes you shall!

I want to make the point again, I KNOW MY BFF! I know that her and her hubby have far to much to do in their two grassy lawn areas of their home. They don't have time to weed, time to poison or stay on top of things. They also have no desire to move from their home and no I also can't see that they either of them will change their minds on how they want their front yard to look. I fully believe that they will live their for the next 30-40 years.

That said last night we went to the store (late at night) and bought 4 large boxes of salt. Then under the bright light of the street light dressed in black we salted her rock liberally and then watered it in. I know the Horrors!

I have now helped to poison 2 feet by 22 feet of dirt making it so the rocks will be beautiful for years to come, maintenance free. My only worry is that out of everyone we talked to I alone am the one who thought up this long term solution - so what does that say about me?


Tired Mom said...

I think it says about you that you think outside the box! Most people wouldn't suggest "salting the earth" because most people would/might change their minds in the future about how to make their lawn look.

But you know me so well and know that I HATE nature on my property (love it everywhere else since I'm not responsible for the upkeep). I really hope all that salt did the trick 'cause I do not want to deal with weeding every single weekend this summer! Thank you, my BFF for your AWESOME ideas! =D

Tired Mom said...

BTW, that was FUN last night! Especially with the crazy neighbor trying to peer through her door to find out what we were doing! lol

Dawn Marie said...

you are creative, and have a well versed knowledge of what salt is good for, and what it can be bad for. Sometimes good and bad have blurred lines, and completely different definitions to different people. :) I'm so glad you both had so much fun.

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