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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Camp Out pt 2!

My family
Have I ever mentioned how much I love these guys?
Next week school starts for my dastardly duo and I am in rush mode now to get the last of everything ready!

Clothes, bags, supplies, meeting teachers...
It was really nice to go up and spend some one on one private time with them.

We (along with another couple) rented this camper for a few days.
It was amazing!
It allowed us to go off trail and still have a potty!
By the last two days we had 14 people!
It was so much fun going up with such a large group!

The view from our camp site (above)

Also on a side note for those that follow my blogs, this area is up behind Heber, Ut.
The Lake is Mill Hollow Lake.
This is the region, the second half of book one, The Altered Lives of Lily and Ivy is set in.
(to be published soon)

My hubby and his wolf's head walking stick
now both of my kids want their own!

Seriously my kids never left Sue alone! 
Every time I turned around they were all over her!
Thank you so much for being a grandma to my kids.

 This was just a roof...
no floor, no walls, just a random roof in the middle of the woods.

Patch had a ball! 
He ran, chased squirrels, begged food and got very very dirty!
Can't wait to go again!

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