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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gund Dog Contest

Pure Puppy Patch!

Don't you think he is adorable?

Don't you think he would make a plushy you would want to take home?

You can vote once a day from now until Aug. 16th 2012 when judging begins.

Thank you for voting!

I know that I think he is adorable and I would buy him, mainly because I have the live version of this adorable Shih Tzu laying at my feet right now.

Besides being adorable, he is a sweet, loving member of our family.
He is everything his breed is supposed to be!


Now for a few small facts about Shih Tzu's

They have "Real Hair" making them a wonderful allergy friendly breed.
My daughter is allergic to dogs, cats, weeds, dyes... the list continues
She is fine with Patch. (lvl 5 allergy)

My BFF  has a higher allergy to dogs (8-10)
She has a slight allergy to the oils from his skin 
so if she pets him (which she does frequently) she only has to wash her hands.

Many breed of dogs are said to be "Hypo Allergenic" 
Some because, they don't shed or they are a low dander dog.
I have found the Real Hair breeds to be the BEST hypo allergy dogs you can buy.

That said, we still don't allow him to sleep in her room, get up on her bed and any time she plays with him for to long she must wash.
Compared to her cat allergy these small safety measures make living with our dog easy.
Just walking into a house with cats can trigger her asthma, hives and other assorted nasty things.


High Heeled Life said...

Just voted for Patch!!! good Luck...Patch would definitely be an adorable Gund Puppy!! and your are so blessed to have him in real doggy-person..xo Hugs C. (HHL)

Telisha Garris said...

Thanks HHL! Hoping you enjoy your hiatus! Thanks for the Iced tea recipes!

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