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Friday, August 24, 2012

Zoo BFF Day!

Our local Zoo, The Hogle Zoo, has made some amazing changes over the last 12 years. The fact that they are far from done is great news!
With in 20 years (of starting) our zoo will be completely new, renovated and amazing!

My BFF and I have a joint Zoo Booster Deluxe, membership. Allowing both of our families full access to the zoo, rides, discounts at the store and special parties and events throughout the year.

Several years ago they re-did the elephant encounter (which also includes the rhino's) in the hopes that our young female would be able to get pregnant. Two tries and now our little baby (the one in the large photo) is now two years old!
Her mama was doing a show for everyone and she was watching, mimicking and waiting for her mama to be done! She is such a cutie!

After the elephant show, we hit the Free Flight Bird show. This is where all the birds are trained and fly free - some inches from the top of your head!
Its only 25 minutes long, but its amazing! My best friends girl, beauty, had a ball!

The newest exhibit that opened in June is Rocky Shores. This has our newest polar bear (who is adorable) our seals and sea otters. As well as our 3 young grizzlies.
He played for a solid ten minutes, going from one side to another and repeatedly doing a back stroke. 

It was the perfect day! Nice, mild weather (high 80's), not to many people and the kids were happy!
My BFF's children & my children are the best of friends, something we are deeply grateful for!
All in all a day with my best friend and my children's best friends was golden!

Monday school starts and I (and patch) will be all alone. This year is the first year that both of my children will be gone for the whole day!
I can't wait!
I can finally clean without hearing, Mama! I need____, Mama! I'm hungry!, Mama can you_____ and my favorite, Oops! I'm sorry.... did you just clean that?

No more (during the day at least) will I have to say, SHARE! STOP HITTING! NO! LEAVE THE DOG ALONE!
Camping, zoo trips and fun days with friends are winding down, I am both happy and sad!

Also I am planning a Thanksgiving Purse Party, South of the Border for all my friends and family! Its going to be a great time of food, fun and friends!

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