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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Power Cleaning

Today its hot, muggy and cloudy. As I type thunder clouds roll in over my head and the valley vibrates with the rumbles of an approaching storm.
Will we really get rain this time? Will tomorrow be even more unbearable?

 My amazingly clean living room
what my bedroom looked like half way through the process of organizing, cleaning & tossing.

I normally don't brag, but I do have the most amazing best friend ever!
She and I are like two peas in a pod!
We do everything together and are very much alike.
Save for those very few things about us that are polar opposites.
Like the fact that I am free and loose type of cleaner
while she has OCD.

Not kidding
We threw away roughly 13-15 bags of garbage.
Wash, swept, mopped and cleaned.
12 1/2 hours of cleaning!
Thank you to my Best Friend who helped
and to my hubby who took the kids out all day long leaving us alone to work!

Thankfully the garbage man comes tomorrow!

Today was my second week at our new home church and I loved it
my only issue was how sore my legs were today after all the work yesterday!

The rain is starting to quench the earth. The thunder has played out and the smell of rain on dirt has filled the air.
The smell is clean, fresh - a renewal.
It feels like my whole life has become new, clean, a rebirth.
My chimes are tossed about in the wind, making a tune that the trees dance to and the rain continues to fall.

Take some time this week to find an area of heart or home to clean. I know I feel so much better!

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Margie (Tired Mom) said...

That's not a half bad picture of me, Thanks! =) You and I seriously have such an awesome friendship; I'm just glad I could help - LOVE you!!

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