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Friday, August 3, 2012

Hot/Cold packs

Hot/cold packs
These are amazing!
Versatile, easy to care for and store. Can be made in any shape and size needed.
If you want a professional, well cut, pre-planned perfectly shaped hot,cold ice packs - Please follow this link to Bee in my bonnet.

Mine are more - go with the flow, use what you have... looser less strict packs.
I cut up a few of my kids old/stained clothes.
First I used a pant leg of my daughters to make my husband a hot/cold pack for putting around his neck.

First off find the material you want to use.
Then cut it to the size you want.
Bee in Bonnet suggested two layers.
The inner one being flannel to hold in hot/cold longer.

I cut off the bottom legs off of shorts, then laid them out over a flannel shirt.
Did I mention that I was just doing a fast, loose version?
Yeah I really did mean that, I didn't do any exact measuring.

I did all the sewing by hand.
Each one took me a day (roughly 2-3 hours)
It would only be a few minutes if you do it on a machine, mine happens to be broken at the moment.
I sewed up the sides and then connected the bottoms.

Then flipped it inside out.

Filled it with a cup of rice
Again fill it enough so that when it lays flat the rice fills the whole pack at least
a quarter of an inch high across.

My sons and my daughters new ice packs.
They both love them!

Mine was an odd size.
I used the bottom half of my daughters old shirt.
Then cut out the heart design from the top of the shirt and sewed it on.
Mine is longer than the kids but shorter then my hubbies neck pack.
My reason is simple.
I need an ice pack for whenever I mess up my ankle - which lets face it - is pretty often.
I need the hot pack to be the size of my belly - for when the weight and form of a hot water bottle
just won't do.

I rather like it.
4 days, a few cups of rice and some old clothes and everyone in the house has a new rice pack.
If you have a machine it would be done in one day!

Also for those that follow this blog I will no longer be posting any of my gardening tips, photos, ect here.
All of that is moving over to my food blog, Garris Cooking.
I encourage you to check it out, follow and enjoy!
I post recipes for household cleaners, beauty products, food and now gardening tips.
All dye free.

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