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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Stunnishing Dastardly Duo!

Its the first week of school for my dastardly duo.
Gman (formally known as littleman) is a first grader!
His teacher is a very nice, young woman that he adores.

However, he is very unhappy.
His friends are all in another class.
So far he hasn't found a class friend.
It may seem a little thing to you.
Jobs, money, family stress.... but to my little guy its huge.

Praying that soon everyone will settle down and he will find a few friends.

Prissy on the other hand.... has all her friends in her class!
Not only does she LOVE her 3rd grade class but has made even more friends!

Then again she is unafraid of rejection, alright lets face it, she's oblivious to it.

My girl will and can love you into submission.
Everyone loves her - whether they want to or not.

This is Gman's "old" best friend. They are still friends, but not in the same class hence they don't get to see each other that much.

Today, the fourth day of school, is picture day. Utah does photos at the beginning of the year so that we can send them out to friends and family at Christmas.
Normally its a month or so in... this time they barely had time to send the forms home!

I'm hoping for some really great photos today! Even though it will be a few weeks until they come in I want my kids to look amazing!

They grow so fast! I can't believe another school year is here! On that note I am now a member of the PTA... first meeting is tomorrow... not sure how I feel about being a PTA mom..?!

Update: I talked with his teacher. Today he was hit in class by a very troubled boy - so troubled they are trying to move him into another school that can handle him.
Needless to say this did not help G-man to have a happier day. However, the teacher talked with one of the kids in the class that does talk with and get along with him in class (boy named BK) who is going to play with G-man tomorrow.
Hopefully this will help him to settle in and enjoy his time at school more.

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