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Monday, September 3, 2012

10 hour Stain Gloss?

First off let me say for the record, I have not nor will I be paid for this. I bought the product and I am testing its staying power as well as its color.
Above is my photo of both my Super Stay 10 hour Stain Gloss and the color on my lips. They match very well, still it was brighter then I had anticipated.

This is what the whole container looks like.
Being truthful I will admit a semi-vain and semi-silly reason for my buying this. As I am now on the PTA there are days where I will spend a full day at the school. This coming Thursday is shaping up to be one of those days.
Now I am a stay at home mama, chubby and I have long ago given up my looks to my children. However, I do like to have a bit of color on me so that I don't feel quite so bad or plain.
That said I am not vain enough to be running to the bathroom every few hours for "beauty" breaks.
Hence - Lip Stain

Here I am with the lip stain newly applied.

10 hours later and the majority of color is gone - however I still have some color.

During the day, I ate, applied chapstick, washed my face once (not my lips) kissed the kids and drank with a straw.

I will most likely buy this product again, but as for 10 hours... well not really more like a good 4, an okay 6, faint 8 and a barely there 10.

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