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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kid Day - Unplugged

My kids have been sick off and on for the past week, for a while I was trying to get them to make it to school - after multiple times of having to run back and forth to the school (including having to beg a ride so I wouldn't have to walk in the rain) today I just gave up and kept them both home.

Instead of all of us plopping in front of the boob tube, we unplugged. I stayed off the internet all day and the tv was off most of the whole day!
We cuddled in bed, read books, talked and painted Christmas houses and ornaments.
When papa came home he was tackled by two very hyper happy children.

It was good they stayed home, they both needed to stay next to the bathroom and both have needed cold meds - twice to keep the snot at bay.
It was also a very good mama/kid day - no one yelled, screamed or cried for very long. All in all it was the type of day we always dream of having with our kids but rarely do.

Two weeks ago my face looked like this

Two weeks after using my new face wash - acne all gone - as well as the oily build up on my skin - no matter how many times I washed a day!

Tomorrow is another day at home - this time because there is no school
another day to unplug and listen.
Another day of cuddles and secrets.
Of stories and bonding
another day to be.

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