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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rainy Day Randomness

                              Today it rained - a good long soaking refreshing, earth quenching rain.

Maybe you don't know my luck, but today for the first time since school started - today is the day that I got the call from school that my son had an accident, was sick and needed me.
Me, the woman who gave up her car 5 1/2 years ago, me the woman who is no longer driving her husband to work because he gets up so early, me the woman who is now getting rides with a great friend, me that is a few weeks from getting another car!

I called up my friend begged her to put her two babies back in the car, run over, pick me up, wait, then drive my son and  I home.
Luckily she is wonderful!

I have spent the day helping my son with his homework, projects and of course laundering his soiled clothes.
Tummy Trouble is not fun.

After hubby came home I ran to the school for both of my children's S.E.P's, and then to work at the book fair with the PTA for a few hours.
I am thankful I can help! Not having a ton of money I collect all labels, all bonus school points and now I have time to help out the school's PTA!


With fall comes new challenges and new allergies. My poor little girl has such a hard time! Each day its something new!

These are the new items I have waiting for bath bubbles and hand cream, even the scents - bath bubbles will be scented with Sugar Cookie & the hand cream an Autumn Harvest smell!
I have designed the labels and slowly but surely this party is coming together! Two months to go!
Can you tell its been a while since I was able to throw a really fun party?! I am so excited!

Last Randomness

This is my neighbors house - two years ago it burnt down. Last summer it was bought by a couple who has worked very hard to restore and fix the inside.
The last few weeks they have been working on electrical, plumbing, wall panels... they have fixed the roof and removed all the crap.
Yet... its raining and the windows are still open!!!

Kid you not!
These people have poured thousands of dollars and hours of hard work yet it will be  could be all ruined again if they don't fix the windows before it rains much more. If the rain of the last 24 hours hasn't already re-damaged things!

On a happier note! At the end of this month we will have been in our home for 2 years! I am so very happy!
We have a long way to go on the yard and lots of work left yet on the inside as well, but two years down - 28 more to go and its ours!

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High Heeled Life said...

Hope little man is doing better today; poor little guy. Good friends are God's way of balancing things out for us (I'm learning that).

Ouch ... hopefully the rain did not go in the windows.

YAY!!! a home is a life time of care; their is always something to enhance to make it reflect one's family. So, happy for you!!! xo C. (HHL)

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