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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Games, Laughs and Fun


Family game night has become a tradition in our house.
Snacks, treats and finger foods are a must.
Fun games and everyone playing, also a must.

The photo above is after G'man and I made a winning move! We teamed up and we won for the night!

I have also started keeping score
per game, championship rounds and nightly winners!
I can only imagine how great this will be to look back on years from now.

We played Operation (brand new kids first time)
Harry Potter Clue
This was the first time playing HP clue with the kids - its quite an intricate game so we played as teams.
Once you get through it once though it really is a fun and great way to play clue!
Had no idea until adding the link that HP Clue was limited edition, its now selling for 70.00! So glad I bought it when I did!
Should have bought two! One to play the other to keep as a collectors item!

Right now I have been keeping busy planning both my upcoming South of the Border Miche Party as well as my daughters upcoming 9th birthday!
I am menu planning, event planning and experimenting.

On top of that I have a meeting with G'man's teacher - which is a good thing as he stayed home "sick" today. He faked illness this morning (very convincingly) to avoid going to school, to avoid being bullied.
As his school is a Zero Tolerance school, I need to find out what is being done to address this issue.
He has been pushed down cement steps twice and hit once in class in front of the teacher.
Clearly one boy in his class needs to be in a special behavioral class and not this one.

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