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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mosaic Miche Monday

Last week I noticed that my favorite Miche bag had been put on sale. 19.99! (Shell only) Also my favorite matching brown purse handles were on sale as well.
So I called my Miche Rep (my sister) and asked if it was a temporary sale or a being discontinued sale.
The purse handles aren't technically being discontinued, what is being discontinued is them being sold seperately instead of in a bundle.

This wonderful green & black bag called Delilah is being discontinued. Its one of only two bags made by Miche that comes with a matching changing pad - making this a "could be" diaper bag.
While I have not given up hope of having another baby, I bought this more for when I am having a day out with the kids.
A day where I need to carry drinks, snacks, and my camera.

So while my South of the Border, Purse Party isn't until November 24th at 1pm. This purse and a few like it, may not be available.
So I placed my order last week and it arrived a few days later!
Wonderfully excellent in every way! I can't wait to start using it!
The only thing is that because I am waiting for my party to buy so many things - I won't get the actual purse until November!

I know the wait is killing me!
However, I am a surprise waiting around the corner of my life and I can't afford to get demanding right now - just wait, in a few weeks I will have one heck of a fun post on the newest turn of fortune!

Tomorrow I am going to post on another box of items I got for my Miche Party - namely all my empty new containers for lotions, bath bubbles and hand scrubs!
I am having so much fun!

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