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Monday, September 10, 2012

PTA, Rants and My Week in a Nutshell

This year, my first time of having down time, I have joined my children's school PTA.
This week that commitment was tested with my first event, Skate Night. Prissy helped run the table (did amazing) and I ended up as the popcorn queen.

While we were there my daughter showed me that she can do the monkey bars! After breaking her arm, this fell into the "maybe" pile. As in maybe if her arm healed well she might be able to do this - Thankfully this not only is something she can do, but will help her therapy move forward!


I picked a fight this week with the president of an organization. Here's a tip for those that don't know me well, you hurt my family or friends and I will find a way to mess with you.
This started out rather light and fluffy - then she deleted my comments and went into private messaging - first mistake, I play nicer in front of an audience.
Second, DO Not, I repeat DO NOT tell me how much you value your volunteers - when my BFF worked for months for you - designing and running a website - only to have all of her work deleted behind her back and her permissions revoked - without a word or a response from YOU.
You want me to be nice and not say the word UGLY? That's fine how about HIDEOUS and STUPID?
~Things may have been worked out between you and her (namely because after five months you finally called and talked with my BFF.) It does not change my opinion of how the site looks nor the person running it.


I applied for reduced lunches. School lunches here in Utah cost 7.50 a week per child. Making it 15.00 a week for me to feed both kids a hot lunch.
For me, that hurts.
Really hurts.
Last year and the year before that, we qualified for reduced lunches, making the cost 1.40 per child per week.
I just got the letter back today - we qualified for FREE lunches!
Total saved is around 600.00!!!
You have no idea what a weight off my mind that was!

Dinner tonight (hubby and I are sick)
came with two perfect fortune cookies and yes I wish life were as easy as fortune cookies!
His is on top!
After reading how we qualify for free lunches you can only imagine how a promotion would help us!

Mine is talking about parties and gatherings!
Between joining the PTA and my upcoming Miche Purse Party!
I think my is spot on!

Yes my party on November 24th is a purse party - yes my sister will be offering these for sale - NO its not a sales party. Its a party party. We will be having food, drinks, raffles, prizes and all out fun girl time!
What girls don't like to also look a purses?
Especially ones you can change with your outfit?

If you can't make it to the party the link (click on photo) will be viable for my purse party until November 23rd.
You can find my party under Telisha Garris, South of the Border party.

Trust me its going to be great. Already I am making the decorations, planning the menu and creating prizes and gifts for those that come! This is my first party in several years and I can promise you, you don't want to miss it!

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