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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mummy Kiddy Play Date

G'man's best friend H1, invited him over to play today. This gave Mama H and I some much needed girl gab time.
Mama H has four adorable children all under the age of first grade! Her house is always bursting!

During our time H1 showed G'man that he could now ride a bike without training wheels - my son not to be out done immediately had to practice!

Upon arriving home Papa immediately had to take off G'man's training wheels. Sad to say I have known full well that my son could have had his wheels off all summer.
I kept them on not for him, but for Prissy!
Her balance is not near as good as G'man's and she falls alot!
Keeping my children from sharing their toys is like telling them not to breathe - so the training wheels stayed on.
Now my daughter is learning how to ride without the benefit of training wheels and I am armed to the teeth with bandages!

One week of after school program for Prissy and she still loves it! I am so happy! 

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