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Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo Friday Five

Photo Friday Five

All right years ago when I was on Y360 (best blogging platform in the universe and dumb yahoo choose not to fix the bugs and scrapped it) there was a group called The Friday Five.
Every week five questions were posted and you answered on your blog - then posted the link to share with the rest of the group.
This group is still going on a few different blogging sites - blogger included - however the person who runs it is completely different and I have never really gotten into the swing of this persons style or group - also its a rather dud of a group - you post and four people will comment - four out of the 98 that played.

The other day I was wondering how I could show a few of my favorite things with you, in a fun - quick - photo versatile way hence - this week I will be doing a group post - I will post a link within at the bottom and you can add your link with your own answers (photos not necessary).
If you are participating I would like it if you would at least view 2-3 other pages (if people participate).

1. Five People you can't live without

Not in any order

My Daughter, Prissy

My Son, G'Man

My Sister Dawn Marie

My Hubby

My Best Friend Margie

 I have another sister I would add but I did say five - so just know that I choose BOTH my sisters!

2. Five Things you can't live with out

 These items are not in order, but serious loves of mine!

1. An Immersion Blender
Seriously for years I heard how so and so loved them - watch them on TV ect ect.
Finally I gave in and bought a 30.00 one - I love it!
2. My new Rain Shower Head!
Another LOVE both the soft feeling of rain and a hand held sprayer!
3. Toilet Wipes
This is EPIC, a must have. 9 years of not having a lot of money but always finding room in the budget for these!
4. Laptop
Really need I say more?
5. Erasable Monthly Calendar
I got mine at Target, but any store that sells home items should have these.
I have a more detail calendar, but being able to see the whole month at a glance is a good thing.

3. Five of your favorite Movies

Serenity (the movie at the end of the FireFly Series)
Pride & Prejudice the LONG version, its amazing
The Thin Man Series! I have this box set - its amazing and about to be redone with Johnny Depp!
Harry Potter (yes I am a huge fan!)
Love is a ball - Glen ford - lets face it this movie is a classic! "Mmmm Mediocre!"

Bonus Movie - Lord of the Rings 

4. Five of your favorite TV shows

Doctor Who (BBC)
FireFly (The series that comes before Serenity)
Dharma & Greg
The Vampire Diaries
Sherlock (BBC)

Bonus Shows - Warehouse 13 & Eureka
I don't mind pairing them as they interact between the two every now and then.

5. Five of your favorite foods (or dishes)

Alright my all time favorite food in the whole world is Chinese (American Chinese).
I love Sweet n' sour, Sesame Chicken, Orange Chicken, Beef Teriyaki, Cream Cheese Wontons, Egg Rolls... you get the idea right?
However I don't have photos off hand of my favorite Chinese... I normally eat it too fast.

Instead I will give my five "other" favorites
1. Salad - Salads deserve themes - I do a different salad each time, varying the tastes and textures- salad is wonderful and should never ever be boring or overloaded with dressing!
2. Meatless Navaho Tacos - Yum! All I can say on this one is YUM!
3. Turkey Sandwiches - easy, can be healthy and always a favorite
4. Chicken Pot Pie - Life long favorite dish
5. Sesame Thai Noodles - not really a meal, but AMAZING! New favorite

Come on and join the fun!

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Margie (Speaking on the Spectrum) said...

Aww.. feelin' the love =) Love all your lists!

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