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Saturday, June 5, 2010

An apology

I am not a fan of using poisons, insecticides or any of the fluffy extra's that some use in gardening.
To me seeds, sun and water work their own magic.
This summer I started weeding my front strip,
if you follow my blog at all you have seen the pictures.

I have lost the battle though.
I went on vacation and during that vacation it rained almost the whole week.
The next week it also rained...
The week after that intermittent rain coupled with sick family members
mean that the strip that I worked a full week weeding
getting sun burns and sore's all over my body 
was for NOTHING!

I am discouraged, dejected and yes I am also done.
Tonight I bought weed killer 
and yes I used it!

So I am writing feeling slightly sorry for myself
and my dirt.
Tomorrow I will see if it worked.
If it did I will pull the dead out.
Add in the new soil I have for the front
and then add my seeds.

Hopefully they will grow fast enough that I will not need to weed or kill again.

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