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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today my life is a tragedy...


This is Prissy

She cut her hair today

all by herself.


My poor sweet Prissy

There was no other way to salvage her hair, other than to start over.


Little Man being supportive of his sister.

Now both my children are bald


Prissy in pink


My dastardly duo

My very bald dastardly duo!

Yeah today is just not going well...

Update: The reason she went into the bathroom and cut her hair, was she thought it would grow back PINK! 
Luckily hair in our family grows back very quick, unluckily for my girl we moved a few months after this. So she started in a new school and a new neighborhood with 2 inches of hair on her bald bald head! Needless to say its been almost 4 years and she has never tried to cut her hair by herself again.


Tired Mom said...

WHAT THE HECK DID SHE DO???!!!!! AWWWW MAN....her poor hair! You must have been LIVID!!! Wow, I'm so sorry she did that. I sure hope it grows back soon. On the upside, though, she'll be nice and cool during the summer! What a day!!

Art by Dawn Marie said...

OH My goodness!!! oh no, her poor hair. What did she do that cut job with? I'm so sorry and sad that she lost her hair. I thought she was old enough to know better.

Blessed Rain said...

Scissors that she took from our bathroom.
After I saw her hair we hunted down the truth and found all her cut hair in her bathroom sink where she had been trying to glue it back onto her head before we noticed it was missing.
My poor sweet bald baby!

Beadin By The Sea said...

Oh no! She looks pretty upset in the first photo. I hope it grows back fast!

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