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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update on weightloss


First off this is not my art work, its my Sisters. Second this is not why I am posting I am just in love with it.
The first link it to buy, the second link is to follow her art blog - she posts at least one piece of art a week. 

Second I am finally down to 198!!! Oh yeah! Down 13 pds in three months! So I am the turtle in the weight race my hubby has lost 65 pds, my sister a ton, even my best friend has me beat. However, I am still losing - this alone is enough to make me happy.

I am under 200 pds! Yeah! For making my first goal. I am still going down, Yeah! For making my second goal and I really am feeling better about myself.

It's raining right now or I would be giving you an update on my tiny garden as it is right now we are still trying to fix the front and finish planting the flowers. My tomato is still living and growing, my strawberries go from looking amazing to wilty not sure if they are going to make it or they are just moody like I am. My sugar snap peas and onions are taking over. While my mint seeds are taking their sweet time to get started.

Mint is not easy to start from seed, it really does need lots and lots of TLC, once they get going though almost nothing in this world can kill it.

I love mint, I put it in salad, with fruit, on meat and of course in tea!


Art by Dawn Marie said...

Thank you!
Congratulations!!!! weight loss is good, no matter how slow. Unless if you are underweight, but we will deal with those issues if they ever come up.
I hope your mint does well.

Tired Mom said...

Whoo-hoo for losing weight =) You're looking a lot better too. And I need to learn your secrets for getting people to follow your blog! lol I still only have 7 people following my autism blog. Hmm... Anyway, good luck with the garden =)

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