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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Musing from the weirdness of my mind...

So  I have two interesting things on my mind lately.   

First off I read somewhere that the US government had written laws concerning extraterrestrial aliens. I love researching strange and unusual things so this was a must.

Snopes of course was the final word on the matter. It seems this was for NASA personel in the unlikely event that they met or encountered beings from another world.

What drew my attention though was the end of the page on the subject and I quote 

"The extraterrestrial law was removed from the CFR in 1991, NASA having determined that it had "served its purpose" and was "no longer in keeping with the current policy," and is no longer in force.

This begs the following questions

1. How did it serve its purpose - really I want details

2. WHAT is the NEW Policy?

  I researched farther and found nothing (ominous noise plays in the back ground) now I am wondering.

My second muse is on city laws

SLC, UT has recently changed its laws (or are trying to they still have to be approved by Legislature)
concerning parking tickets as well as other misc outstanding city fines.

I think some of what they propose is going a bit overboard - wage garnishments, publishing debtors names in the papers, and jail time might just be a bit too much.

However the other items they propose I don't understand why they didn't put that into effect years ago.
Mainly rejection of vehicle registration and drivers license renewals.

If you have parking tickets, moving violations or any form of  car related misdemeanors that have not been paid then why are we letting you drive still?

Seriously get off my road!

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Tired Mom said...

Totally agree! And your mind is not weird, just different! lol =)

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